Composite Team Photos

So much of the corporate world has changed due to the COVID pandemic. Mainly it has changed the way we can work in a team. Most team interactions are digital, for example, on Zoom, via email, or FaceTime. So why can’t we create your team portrait digitally as well? The answer is we can with composite Team Photos!

Composite Team Photos create a COVID safe team visual. In some companies, it is necessary to show that not only do you have one person from the company to work with but a whole team behind you! “A photo is worth a thousand words.” Just imagine the visual impact a team photo would make for your business!

The process is simple. Each team member will make an appointment for their individual photo session. We will photograph them from various angles and poses. We will make notes of each team member’s favorite images. After everyone is photographed, we will evaluate which favorites work best for the composite team photo! Then we create your digital composite team photo with the help of a little photoshop magic, knowledge of visual blending, and other techniques!

After we assemble your composite team photo we can then place it on any of our numerous digital backgrounds. Our digital backgrounds feature everything from cityscape scenery to foliage and everything in between! Do you have a particularly iconic Boston view visible from your office windows? We can also create a custom digital background to use in not only your composite team photo but individual headshot photos as well!

The result is a stunning photo and safe process which allows for years of reconfiguring for ever-changing teams!

Take a look at how this company showcased their composite team photo on their company website!

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