Our studio is centrally located in the heart of Boston’s Financial District and is the trusted choice for publicity and corporate portraits.
The classic studio portrait suggests an executive’s commitment to long-standing values. Our professional lighting, posing, and ability to capture genuine expressions is what makes our portraits stand out.
Our streamlined operation provides quick turnaround and consistently reliable results. 

Many companies choose our digital composites in order to achieve a uniquely branded background or environmental look to their headshots. We offer the creation of custom workplace backgrounds featuring views visible from your office. Your employees can come to our studio to be photographed and we will then modify the background to your specifications or digitally add your custom background to their headshot resulting in an environmental office look without disrupting your office environment.  This is a popular choice among many independent clients as well.
We keep your company specifications and backgrounds on file making the process of booking an appointment fairly simple.



What to expect: 

- Reviewing of your proofs immediately and selecting your favorite image which is then formatted, retouched, and transmitted within one business day.
- Our 20 minute headshot sessions are convenient and efficient. Our photographers have years of experience in posing and lighting as well as psychology behind the pose.



 We are fully equipped to transport our studio backgrounds and lighting set-up to your office. Sometimes it is best to have an onsite studio shoot if a new marketing approach and headshot aesthetic is being implemented for all employees or if an executive has a short time period to be photographed. We are committed to making the process of being photographed on location as comfortable, simple, and successful as our in-studio portraits.

Executives shown in their working environment help put a client at ease and allow congenial communication. Our photographers find the balance in portraying a subject as professional and approachable in these images. We work efficiently for best results and assess lighting, environmental elements, and the overall aesthetic of your office and website to create the perfect imagery to promote your company and match your branding approach. These images portray a leader’s confidence, can include city landmarks, show employees in their element as they take on daily tasks both individually and as a team. As well as show the culture of the company as a whole.

Lifestyle & 
Workplace Interiors

 Along with executive branding images the office environment is very important not only to your clientele but to current and future employees as well. For this reason we have photographed numerous office spaces and provided clients with imagery to enhance and promote the company’s workplace.




 Branding, & more

 Months of planning and hard work are put into each company event. Whether it is a small gathering of a portion of a team or a corporation wide conference no event is too big or too small for us to capture. We offer our expertise and attention to detail when documenting all aspects of any event. Please contact us for more information and to discuss any upcoming Event needs.


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