Graduate, Post-Graduate, & College Student Portraits

Boston Portrait Company is the ideal Photographer for your Headshot!

Congratulations! All your higher education years are complete and have gotten you to where you are right now! Excited and READY to enter the professional workforce! You have all the knowledge, experience, and confidence you could ever need, but there is one thing missing… A Professional Headshot! And graduate, post-graduate, and college student photos!

  • Dont’s:
    • use a “selfie”
    • have a friend take your portrait using their latest smartphone
    • use your High School Senior Portrait


  • We are experts when it comes to looking like a professional!
    • Offer help and guidance on what to wear
    • In addition we produce an expression that conveys confidence, energy and is personable all at the same time.

BPC has insider knowledge of various industry looks. Your dream job may be one of our current clients! We will know the exact look and feel of the ideal Headshot for you and your industry. We can even reference some of our existing client’s guidelines and match the look! Upon seeing your image on LinkedIn or during an application and interview process, your future employer will know that you already fit right in.

Cap & Gown Photographs

Many Boston colleges and universities are not offering cap and gown photos this year. However, to be included in the online commencement streaming event, they ask students to submit these photos. Add another outfit to your professional headshot session to get photographs taken with your cap, gown, and graduation tassel! These photos are symbolic of this achievement and will be cherished by your parents, you, and even your future children for years to come! Above all, do not miss out on professional photographs of this significant milestone!

Tips & Tricks:

  • Tassel placement goes to the left.
  • Regalia is the proper name for the ensemble.
  • Typically, a bachelors and masters have a 4-point cap (mortarboard style).  However, PhD/Doctorate graduates typically wear an 8-point velvet Tam.
  • Graduates should research what is needed for their school.  Graduated but do not have a cap and gown to use? No problem, in our studio we have a traditional black Regalia with velvet trim, black 4-point cap and black 8-point velvet trim tam, both with gold tassels! If you require a different color you can purchase this at your campus bookstore or rent online. This site provides information on renting and purchasing options specific to your school.
  • Employers will be searching to gather as much information as possible from the web. Have you held a title in a college board, club, or organization? If the group’s website contains bios and headshots, update it with your latest Headshot. As a result of your participation in groups or volunteer positions, you will stand out when sifting through their applicants, and your application will pique the employer’s interest
  • Be sure to update your LinkedIn with your new Headshot & anywhere else you have a professional presence.
  • ERAS information is helpful for Medical Residency Students

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