Makeup Artist & Hairstylist Question & Answer

We took a moment to chat with Makeup Artist Katie & Hairstylist Mia of Boston Beauty Network and got all our Questions about Professional Hair & Makeup answered.

Read on to find out what they had to say!

  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us! We would love to hear a little bit about you and your services! Katie, what made you want to become a makeup artist? As artists we love makeup; we love products, and we love making people feel beautiful.  Therefore owning Boston Beauty Network is our dream job.  As educators, we love teaching other new entrepreneurs and creatives all the tips and tricks we have learned along the way to be successful.
  2. What is one of your favorite things about being a makeup artist? We love teaching women and men how to put their best features forward.  It’s rewarding seeing their reaction in the mirror when you have helped them achieve the look they wanted.
  3. What is the difference between everyday makeup, event makeup, and makeup for film/tv/photoshoots? They are different in two ways.  One being the type of makeup products you use and two, how it is applied.   For example, everyday makeup should be quick and easy to apply and/or reapply.  The products don’t have to necessarily be made to last all day and your options are endless.  With special event makeup you will typically go heavier than what you do every day.  You want products that are buildable and will last your entire event as well as products that will photograph well.  You don’t want anything that will give a flashback or shine on camera.  The same applies for film/tv/ and photoshoots but even taken a step further. How you look in person becomes less important and how you appear on camera becomes most important.  Enhancing features becomes especially important. Think high definition! 
  4. What celebrity makeup look is your favorite and why? What is the most requested look? We always love Jessica Biel’s red carpet looks.  Her makeup is always on the more natural side with a pop of color somewhere…whether on her lips or eyes.  Her skin is always dewy and flawless. The most requested look is soft glam with neutral smokey eye.

Jessica Biel’s Style Evolution

Including her best red carpet moments with Justin Timberlake.

  1. What are benefits of our clients investing in professional makeup services? You have made an investment in a quality headshot or photo session that will resonate with others. The process of achieving that look begins with hair and makeup. Boston Beauty Network has a gift for making sure your best features are pulled forward.  
  2. How would you describe the makeup look you would use for headshot clients? What beauty products do you use?  An enhanced version of yourself where your skin is flawless.  We use airbrush and HDTV products that photograph beautifully.  Some of the brands we use are Laura Mercier, Nars, and Charlotte Tilbury.
  1. What are some common mistakes people make when doing their own makeup for a photoshoot?  They don’t color correct or prep their skin.  This is the most important step in makeup artistry.
  2. Do you have experience working with a diverse range of skin tones?  Yes, we work with women and men of all ages and ethnicities.
  3. Mia, what is one of your favorite things about being a hair stylist? Connecting with people.  We have always had a natural inclination for beauty and aesthetics. And we love being a part of someone’s special moment and helping to bring their best features forward. We have more then 15 years of experience in the industry. We have met the most wonderful people and been able to be a part of intimate occasions such as Senior Portraits, Engagement shoots, Weddings, Headshots, and Branding. 
  1. What style is most common for timeless headshot hair styling? We provide an enhanced version of what you do every day.  For most this is down and blown out or how they typically where their hair on a daily basis.  As a result it appears more polished and shiny. Hair is perfectly placed making sure there are no fly aways or frizz. 
  1. Why is men’s grooming important for a headshot and how long does it take?  Men’s grooming is more about the skin and making features more prominent.  We minimize under eye circles and any blemishes. And we also fill in and groom eyebrows and beards if they need to be filled in or tamed. We make sure there is no shine on the skin, and nothing looks to dry (like lips).  We also make sure hair is perfectly placed. This process takes about 20 minutes.
  1. Approximately how long does it take for a women’s headshot hair and makeup package?  Usually, it takes about 60 minutes however, it depends on the type and length of hair as well as the look you want to achieve.  
  2. Where is your studio located? Do you offer travel services to client’s office or home?  We are located in Burlington, MA however we do the majority of work on-location and travel to our client’s home, and/or place of business.
  3. Hair volume is important for headshots.   What are your favorite products and tips to help with hair volume? Products are wonderful for volume. Matte texturing sprays work well for creating volume.  Oribe is one of our favorite brands and has a lot of great products to help achieve this.  Also, there are a variety of spray powders used as well.  Modernized version of back combing and finishing shine enhancers all pull the look together.
  4. What are your thoughts on a side part vs. middle part? Parts are so important!  We always put our clients in front of a mirror and discuss parts.  A lot of times it is where the hair organically falls or where the client is used to seeing their part.  We do like to show it a few different ways to make sure it is exactly where they want it. A middle part is a more modern look.  
  5. We often get the question “Should I wear my hair curly or straight?” What is your professional opinion?  Your images should capture how people would most likely see you as well as how you are most comfortable. Clients with a prominent curl will need a blowout prior to a headshot service, as headshot services are for styling. The base of clean dry hair is an important step prior to the finished look. 
  6. You make a great team.  What is the best thing about working together and how long have you been doing so?  We have fun and love what we do.  And we genuinely enjoy being around each other and our clients pick up on that vibe.  We started Boston Beauty Network just over a year ago but met years ago working for other companies in the industry.
  1. Your services are up close and personal. What changes have you made to ensure the safety of your clients during the COVID-19 pandemic?  The last few months have changed our industry. We have always been compliant with MA regulations; however, we have taken this time to implement new sanitation procedures to best keep us all safe. For example, we invested in multiple sets of various brushes. Additionally, we have client protocols that are agreed upon prior to each service (For example – temperature checks, mask wearing, covid waivers). In addition, we sanitize in between all of our clients and use disposables whenever we are able.  We are taking full advantage of our airbrush training at this time.  Airbrush is a touchless system which also is lightweight and ideal for photography.  All our Boston Beauty Network artists have taken and passed a Barbicide Covid 19 certification to go above and beyond MA standards and licensing.

Thank you to Katie & Mia for taking the time to give us the inside scoop into professional hair, makeup and grooming!

Specifics of Boston Beauty Network’s Headshot Services

Summary of Services for Location Shoots

  • Full service hair and makeup – client who wants a full look.  Including, more detailed hair with curling and styling.  Detailed makeup with traditional skin prep, airbrush and lashes. (90 minutes)
  • Headshot Hair and makeup – service where hair is only completed from the front.  This is an ideal time saver for someone who does not have a lot of time and wants a clean, polished look.  Makeup is natural and clean. (60 mins)
  • Hair Only – 20 mins
  • Makeup Only – 20 mins
  • Headshot grooming – this is extremely minimal makeup, it will consist of moisturizers, buffers, cleanup of eyebrows, no fly aways and hair is in place. (15 mins)

Headshot Process/Company Benefits

Boston Beauty Network also will provide on location headshot services and bring everything needed! Boston Portrait Company will work with the Boston Beauty Network to schedule employees in a streamlined manner.  Clients will choose from an open schedule the appropriate time to have the services completed prior to their headshot.  This ensures a limited time away from the workplace while preparing for your headshot. Above all headshots and personal branding are part of your company’s marketing story. Hair and makeup is an essential part of that narrative.

Contact Us to schedule your headshot session! Visit our Blog for more Headshot information! Click here for COVID 19 safety information!

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