Headshot Checklist: 10 key points to know

Once you have booked your session, follow this simple headshot checklist. Following these steps will get you ready for the camera! 

Headshot Checklist

  • Determine why you are getting headshots and what their intended use will be. (company website, LinkedIn profile, application, publication, etc.)
  • Will you need a vertical, horizontal, or square image crop? This information will help your photographer compose the image in the correct orientation you need. Secondly, will you need more than one final image?
  • Read our COVID-19 protocol and schedule your headshot appointment if you have not already done so.
  • Determine the setting for your headshot. Do you want it to be in the studio on a backdrop, on location, or outdoors? If you are not sure, talk to your photographer to figure out the best place for your photo session. 
  • Get your hair and makeup done. Booking a professional appointment is always a treat.  Besides bringing your headshots to the next level, you will radiate self-confidence that shines through the final images. If you plan on doing hair and makeup on your own be sure to give yourself extra time to get ready. Consider blocking off extra time in your calendar to do so.
  • Pick your outfit. It should be clean, wrinkle-free, professional, and reflect your personality.  Your company may have attire guidelines, therefore, double check on their guidelines as well.
  • Get lots of sleep the night before your session and stay hydrated. It’s true, staying hydrated brings out the best in your skin.
  • Understand the message you are trying to convey to your viewers. At first glance, your image will make an impression. What do you want that impression to be? Some words often used are: Trustworthy, Professional, Genuine, Upbeat, Conservative, Approachable, Powerful, Relatable, Personable, Focused and Determined.
  • Discuss it with your photographer so they can help you generate the most suitable expression and pose.
  • Smile and be you!

What’s Next?

The possibilities are endless, so remember, determine how your headshots will be used and select the look you need. No matter what you decide, be sure to let your individual personality shine through each image!

Your Headshot Checklist is complete! Reach out to your photographer today and share your checklist with them!

Boston Portrait Company Team: service@bostonportrait.com